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Best Packing

You can choose to have as much or as little packing material as you need for your upcoming move. And even if you don’t need to move and just want us to pack a storage container, we will take care of it no problem. If your business needs someone to pack, don’t hesitate to contact our packers. They’ll get the job done with minimal disruption to you and your employee’s time.
Our movers are skilled professionals with hands-on experience in packing & moving homes. You can count on fast, safe & secure measures to protect your belongings and get you moved fast. When you need to move your valuables from one place to another, we have the professional packing services that will keep everything safe secure. Let us keep your items in their boxes until you arrive at your final destination.

Professional Packing Services

When you need to move, think first of Rays Moving. It’ll eliminate the stress of packing everything up on your own and ensure your items are in capable hands throughout the transport. To help you do more with less, we offer packing services in addition to our moving options.

We take care of every aspect and make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. From comprehensive packing, to transporting your stuff, we have the expertise to provide the best moving service.

Unpacking Services

Your time is precious but so is your space. That’s why we have a team of professional organizers who can sort through and unpack your things in just one day. We don’t just put things away, we sort, style and leave your home looking refreshed. We’ll help you get the most out of your new living space, maximizing storage & organizing every little detail so that you can enjoy a seamless transition from day one.

Boxes & Supplies

Your moving or storage needs can be met with our distinct supply of sturdy boxes. We offer various types, such as cardboard, recycled cardboard and plastic, as well as disposable and renewal varieties. You can choose boxes for your move one at a time, or you can simplify things with a kit. While there are different sizes/kinds of kits to choose from, kitchen, living room, and 2-bedroom moving kits are the most common. Box types include wardrobe boxes to help you pack your clothing. You can hang dresses, shirts, pants and more on the metal bar. This will make it easy to transfer them from the box into your new closet.

Packing with a Purpose

Moving is expensive and labor-intensive. You need to find movers, pack everything up, drive it to a new location, and then unpack everything. It’s a lot of work. Packing is always the worst part of moving. It seems like every time you unpack another box, you discover more items you didn’t actually need to pack in the first place. All that junk goes right back into your boxes, though — or even worse, piles up next to them. If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, worry-free moving solution, call us today! Our services are designed to make your life easier by providing best quality service, individualized customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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